Notice of Resumption

This is to inform the entire students (fresh 100 – 400 level) of the University that the first semester of the 2018/2019 academic session will commence as scheduled below:

Fresh &Returning Students

(100 level, 200 level & 300 level

Resumption Date

Monday, 8th October, 2018

Final Year Students

400 level

Resumption Date

Friday, 28th September, 2018


1.      Chief Security Officer to screen luggage and appearance in line with the University rules and regulation.

2.      Returning students who have been screened and cleared by the Chief Security Officer are to proceed to the Bursary to show evidence of payment of 2017/18 outstanding/2018/19 sessional school fees for the session as contained in the schedule of fees and collect the University official receipt. For details of outstanding school fees/payment call any of the following Faculty Officers HSMS (07064201314), SCIENCE (08067378745), LAW 08139031588

3.      Students with Universityofficial receipt proceed to the Hostel for room allocation/hostel documentation.

4.      Returning students thereafter proceed to their respective Departments to commence their Departmental registration ONLY on presentation of their University official receipt.


1.   Fee Payment

Avoid academic/personal/social pressures associated with “Student Fees               Debtor”

  •       Avoid Penalty Charge (additional cost) for “late payment of fees”
  •       Avoid withdrawal/denial of academic/social services which “Student Fee
  •       Debtors” suffer.
  •       Pay up your 2018/2019 sessional fees into any of the University’s Bank                 Accounts with student name as Depositor, to enjoy blissful studentship                   towards accomplishing academic excellence. 

Student with outstanding school fees and other payments will not be allowed on campus.

2.  Documentation

All students who have outstanding documents to submit are reminded to come with these documents and submit them to the following pointsas applicable; Admission Office, Exams and Records, Student Affairs, Departments and Faculties.

All students are to note that submission of required documents is a prerequisite for course registration and utilization of University services.

3.  Change of Institution

To conclude admission into the University, students are hereby requested to ensure that they change their institution/course of first choice to reflect Edwin Clark University.

4.   O’ Level result upload

Students who are yet to upload their O’ level results to the JAMB portal are advised to upload their O’ level results through their profile on the JAMB Portal. This is mandatory before any admission can be processed for any student for the 2018/2019 academic session

5.   Surcharges for Financial and Academic Late Registration for the First Semester, 2018/2019 Academic Session are as follow:

Please note that the schedule below does not apply to 100 level students

    Final year students Other returning students

(200 & 300 level)

1 Non Payment of Balance of School Fees/Other Outstanding Charges 12th Oct, 2018 22nd Oct, 2018 N 10,000
2 Non Payment of Balance of School Fees/Other Outstanding Charges 26th Oct, 2018 5th Nov, 2018 N 20,000
3 Late Registration of Courses 12th Oct, 2018 22nd Oct, 2018 N10,000
4 Late Registration of Courses 26th Oct, 2018 5th Nov, 2018 N 20,000

The cut-off date to determine academic late registration is the date the registration form is signed by the Head of Department while the cut-off date for financial late registration is the date payment is made into the University bank account.

By a copy of this notice, Faculty Officers are hereby directed to compile registration reports/forms on departmental basis after the deadlines for the approval of Deans of Faculties.

Duly certified registration reports/forms are to be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar by the Deans of Faculties for further action and notification to the Bursary.


Prof. T. O. Olagbemiro

10th September, 2018




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